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Yaesu FT101 Mains Connector Wiring for U...

Yaesu FT101 Mains Connector Wiring for UK

I recently bought an original Yaesu FT101 in an ‘as seen’ condition. There was no accessory socket blanking plug or mains connector supplied with it. WARNING: this information is provided on an ‘as-is’ basis. You undertake the wiring of this socket of your own volition on the understanding that you are competent to do so […]

Last FT-818ND from Yaesu UK stows away i...

Last FT-818ND from Yaesu UK stows away in car boot

All this talk about the Yaesu FT-818ND being ‘end of production’ made me wonder what’s coming next…my guess is it will be a touch screen job to rival the wonderful ICOM IC-705. That’s fine, but it won’t be as slim and compact as the FT-818ND…which of course is the successor to the FT-817ND and original […]

Wideband Modification for your Yaesu FT-...

Wideband Modification for your Yaesu FT-817

The FT-817 from Yaesu has been one of the most popular portable QRP radios ever made; the discontinuation of the FT-818, its successor, was announced in early 2023. They give you essentially, a shack in a box. Full HF coverage plus 6m, 2m and 70cm, using all popular operating modes: USB/LSB/CW/AM/FM/Packet/PSK-31/RTTY. Power output is up […]

My Collins KWM-380 is sick

My Collins KWM-380 is sick

Yesterday I switched on my Collins KWM-380 as I often do. The lights and LEDs came on, the few short beeps emanated from the speaker, but no signals or S meter deflection. No tuning ‘blips’ as the main tuning knob is turned on the megahertz dial either. The volume control gave an increase in hiss […]

Microwave Modules 15dB Attenuator

Microwave Modules 15dB Attenuator

The Microwave Modules MMT1296 and other transverters, rely on a 15dB attenuator between the transverter and the driver radio for matching. When these transverters were designed, 10W output base and mobile transceivers were the norm. When you buy a second hand transverter, these attenuators are often missing. I had a similar experience and wondered what […]

Kenwood TS-770 V-UHF All Mode Dual Band ...

Kenwood TS-770 V-UHF All Mode Dual Band Transceiver – a few issues resolved

These are truly excellent radios; well made, reliable and a pleasure to use. In the UK they are marketed by Kenwood, but in other countries they carry the TRIO brand. The TS-770 covers 144 to 146MHz and 430 to 440MHz with around 10w output from SSB, FM and CW modes. They DO NOT have a […]

KW E-Zee Match Lives to Tune Again

KW E-Zee Match Lives to Tune Again

These are great little tuners and are designed to provide an improved method of matching between a transmitter output, or a receiver input, to an antenna system. In standard guise they cover from 10 to 80m inclusive, and allow resistive loads from 15 ohms to 5,000 ohms to be matched. Reactive components in the antenna […]

Howard Turner of Centre Electronics now ...

Howard Turner of Centre Electronics now Silent Key

Howard Turner, of Centre Electronics, now silent key. I personally knew Howard through my visits to his shop, Centre Electronics, in Birmingham. I could spend hours in there having a chat with him over a cup of tea…and always gaining several ‘highly prized’ treasures to take home. The last time I saw him was at […]

Kenwood HS-5 Headphones – Replacement Pa

Kenwood HS-5 Headphones – Replacement Pads

If you use headphones on the air, as either a short wave listener or radio amateur, you’ll appreciate the advantages of a comfortable set of headphones with a frequency response tailored to speech. The Kenwood HS-5 headphones have been around for many years and receive rave reviews on places such as eham. The HS-5s are […]

SSB Products of Derby Cannonball Transmi...

SSB Products of Derby Cannonball Transmitter

On behalf of a friend, I’m trying to find someone who has the details of a transmitter known as the Cannonball, produced by SSB Products of Derby. Back in the 1960s, Norman Birkett G3EKX, created a range of products for the radio amateur. Most were available as kits and ready built. He had an interest […]

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