Lucas (India) – to be avoided

If you own a classic motorcycle, you may eventually have an ignition coil fail. There are several options available such as: Lucas (UK), Lucas (India), NGK, Remax, Bosch and of course manufacturers’ own offerings.

Most of those will be good replacements, but the one from Lucas (India) is not. They simply suffer from reliability issues. A three year warranty is pointless as you have to return them to the manufacturer.

NOTE: Lucas (India) has NO CONNECTION with Lucas (UK).

Personally I would avoid ignition coils from Lucas (India) at all costs; they may be half the price of Lucas (UK), but I strongly suggest you don’t buy them. I looked in to this as a friend fitted one when his bike had no spark. The fault remained and he assumed the new coil was good…it turned out it was just as bad as the old one.

What do I buy for my classic bikes? The Lucas Red Box products.