DAC90A Speaker Front

I seem to have a growing collection of Bush DAC90A style radios, beginning with a very nice DAC90A in brown; the standard model.

The there’s the Bush EBS3A export model, with two short wave bands, medium wave and no long wave. It has truly wonderful station names on the dial.

I also have another brown DAC90A which was in quite a state when I got it. The case was filthy as is the chassis still, but there are some corrosion issues on the chassis to deal with too.

It will need a full overhaul and clean, probably a new tuning capacitor, fully recapping and then aligning after reassembly. One big problem is that the loudspeaker is missing; it’s a 6 1/2 inch 3 ohm Celestion model, giving a rich and mellow sound.

DAC90A Speaker Rear

I believe there were also Rola and Goodmans speakers used in the earlier DAC90, but the ‘A’ version has always had the Celestion in from my experience.

So, if you have one as clean as the one in this image, please drop me a line.