Corbridge Bridge

Corbridge Bridge – the only bridge over the Tyne left standing after the great flood of 1771

I’ve lived in the Tyne Valley almost as long as I can remember, first in Stocksfield, and then in Corbridge for the last 20 years or so.  Corbridge is one of the few places I know of that has retained a proper functioning heart.

If you’ve ever been to our beautiful town, you will know that we get quite a lot of visitors, especially in summer.  But, the traders and the people of Corbridge make things work too…and the locals use the shops!

I’m going to give this page a full update at some point, but here’s a link to a high resolution map of the village as at May 2022. Very useful if you’re planning a visit.

We have a great selection of five pubs to choose from, plus a supermarket, butcher, baker, grocer, wine shop, newsagent, chemist, florist, hairdresser, bike shop, various coffee shops, estate agents, banks, dentists, health centre, sandwich shop, antique and vintage shops, an old fashioned sweet shop, jewellers, the famous cook shop, art galleries, petrol station, car maintenance and repair, art supplies and so on…you get the picture.

Corbridge also has Forum Books, one of the most wonderful, traditional bookshops you will ever come across…all housed in the old Methodist Church next to the Peel Tower in our Market Place.

Jackie, Diane and Brenda from Massey's Tearoom - a proper traditional tea room

Jackie, Diane and Brenda from Massey’s Tearoom – a proper traditional tea room

Helen Stanton, who runs Forum Books, was instrumental in organising our 2014 Fair, held in the market place, which was hugely popular with both locals and visitors alike.

You even had the option to bob for apples and throw rotten tomatoes at some poor sod who was prepared to be chained to the stocks.  Apparently the chairman of the town council drew a great deal of attention 😉

Rotten tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes

The town, although it always feels like a village, also has wonderful Italian and Indian restaurants to compliment the traditional and tasty food available in the pubs.

Being just down the road from Hadrian’s Wall, we even have our very own Roman Fort and Museum at Corstopitum.

There are plenty of places you can stay if you’d like to visit…but do book early as they fill up fast.  Beware though – we have highly voracious traffic wardens who seem to appear from nowhere.  Make sure your car is parked properly or they will catch you 🙁

You can find out more here, but I’d suggest simply googling Corbridge and you’ll get lots more information…oh and we have a tourist information centre too.

Update: there is now another website where you can find out what there is to do, and what’s going on, in Corbridge.  It looks like a commercial venture so won’t show all of the businesses, but click here to take a look.