The CDG2000 transceiver is about 15 years old, design-wise.  When it first came out in RadCom, it would probably have blown all the commercial transceivers available at the time, completely out of the water performance-wise.  The design is due to three main people: Colin Horrabin G3SBI (Mr Mixer), Dave Roberts G8KBB and George Fair G3OGQ.

CDG2000 Transceiver

CDG2000 Transceiver

It was another of those…don’t have the time (or money) to make one of these.  I was fortunate enough to get hold of a partially made set of boards on eBay…the graphic LCD display and encoder etc… were also included.  As much again was spent on getting what initially appeared to be the ‘few missing parts’ 🙁

The G3PDM is first to be completed, then I have a few other projects to box up…then CDG2000.  Most likely, I’ll do it bit by bit…rather than tackle it as one big project.  The end result should be awesome…but I wonder if it will out perform an FT1000MP or the new FT991?

The original documentation is still available at the WARC website which is here.

There are a few others displayed proudly on the net, such as:

OZ9FW – has notes of improvements too
IK4AUY and I4FAF – very nicely done…looks almost military
OZ3QY – modern looking and beautifully machined (April 2021: this link reports an error for some reason)

There are other sites and notes from builders on the net.  The CDG2000 is quite an advanced project…hopefully there won’t be too many issues.  On that point, there is (or was) a ‘CDG2000’ Yahoo group…which I tried to join.  I got no response from the administrator and it looked as if there were no recent new messages last time I checked.

If you want to build one of these, you need the PCB’s and programmed PIC controller…plus lots of bits, some of which are now obsolete.  It is a good source of ideas for your own projects though…especially that front end mixer.