I’m not a dealer in radio equipment, but have amassed quite a collection over the years.  I’ve decided to thin out this collection considerably…so you will have the chance to buy top quality items, some of which have taken me a great deal of time and effort to locate.

There are two ‘sections’ to this ‘For Sale’ area:

  • The first will be individual pages for larger items such as transceivers, receivers, transmitters and the like.  I’ll include plenty of pictures and a good description of what I’m selling.
  • The second area will be my on-line shop, powered by WooCommerce.  Here you will find a gradually growing selection of radio components, books and other useful items…this bit is not yet live.

Everything will be described as accurately as I can…I do not believe in mis-describing items.  I want you to be happy with what you buy from me, but if I do make a mistake, I’ll put it right.

The following are effectively my Terms and Conditions.  Some of the paragraphs below might sound a little harsh, but they are based on past experience…sadly some people really do take the piss.


I have priced my items at what I believe is a fair price for both you and I.  I’ve been very careful in what I’ve bought over the years, having cherry picked what I believe are good examples of each item.  I might list items as ‘spares or repair’ too, but you’ll always get a good description, warts and all if any.

Postage and Packing

None of my prices include postage and packing charges, which you will have to pay if you want an item shipped.  I will ship worldwide and all items will be well packed.  I will only ship using a fully trackable and signed for service, with all items being fully insured for their current value.

Postage and packing will include an amount to cover packing materials, so don’t expect the price on the postage label to be the same as the price paid.

I prefer to use the UK Royal Mail or UPS for deliveries, but will use MyHermes for lower value items.  I’ve always found them very good…and they are much less time consuming than the Royal Mail or UPS.

Postage and packing charges are what they are…I will choose what I believe is the best courier for the job and work out a price.  Sorry, but I won’t get involved in obtaining multiple quotes or otherwise buggering about to save a pound or two.

Note: any postage and packing estimates on this website, are for the UK mainland only.  The highlands, islands, Northern Ireland and countries outside the UK will almost certainly cost more.


Please don’t ask if you can send your own courier…life is simply too short to wait in all day for a courier who may or may not turn up.

YOU are welcome to come and collect items from the ‘individual item’ pages by prior arrangement.  They must be paid for in full before you come, or you will need to bring cash on a weekday when the bank is open for me to pay in before you take the item(s).

I once had someone collect a radio who brought his family for a day out…all six of them arrived at the door, all of them wanted tea and coffee, all of them wanted the loo, the children thought it was OK to run around all over the house, the guy was upset I wouldn’t show him the shack, etc… etc…

If you come to collect an item, then YOU may do that…there are toilets and refreshments available in Corbridge.  I won’t give you a tour of the shack.


This is a two stage process.  You will need to pay for the item(s) you’d like to buy first, then, once I’ve packed it, the postage and packing.  This is because some people like to collect in person, some will buy several items, some items will require additional packing materials…and my ‘shop’ software doesn’t work out carriage charges.

I only accept payment in POUNDS STERLING.

Different payment methods are used for each section:

  • If you are buying items from the individual pages then I will need payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal Friends and Family.  That means that neither of us should pay any fees and I don’t have to worry about parts swappers, screwdriver twiddlers and the like.
  • Items from the ‘shop’ will create a basket at the end of the process.  You may pay for these items in the normal way using PayPal.

Customs Duty and Taxes

You are fully responsible for any import duties and taxes when your purchases arrive from me.  I will not undervalue items as this renders any insurance invalid.


Unless otherwise specified, I’m not offering a warranty on any items I sell.  Most of them are vintage but they are in good working order unless otherwise stated.