Are you a fully paid up member of the AJS and Matchless Owners Club in the North East of England?

Are you interested in a project bike to finish off yourself?

If so…read on.

One of our members is downsizing his collection, built up over a lifetime. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a great example of the AJS or Matchless marques, with some of the hard work already done. Most, if not all of the bikes, are pretty much complete and none of the missing parts should be hard to get. Steve at AMC Classic Spares or the owners club spares team, should be able to supply them.

I’ve created a slider below which shows representative pictures of the work that has been done…they are not necessarily the actual bikes on the list.

The engines and gearboxes will be included as they were found by the member, so you will probably need to refurbish them yourself. Tinware should be present in most cases, as are the wheels. These are essentially bikes that were bought by the member as restoration projects, and each has had some work done on them, but not finished.

If you are genuinely interested, the member will pull all the parts together and you can arrange to take a look. He has asked that there are no ‘tyre kickers’ so to speak, and no dealers. The bikes will be fairly priced based on what they are, what is included and what needs to be done.

I know this is not necessarily the conventional way of doing things, but you will get a great project bike that is probably better than you will find anywhere else.

Here is the list of bikes, which will change over time:

1950 AJS Model 18 – has Dating Certificate but no V5C
1950 AJS Model 18S – has Dating Certificate but no V5C
1948 AJS Model 18 – has V5C 405 NPT
1947 AJS Model 16M – has V5C CFX 691
1946 Matchless G3L – no documents
1955 Matchless G9 – registered in Carlisle ‘HHH ???’ – needs a trip to Carlisle to get details
1953 AJS Model 20 – has V5C PTF 727

If you are interested, please contact me through the email address I used to share this page with you. If it was shared on Facebook, use the messenger utility to get in touch. You can of course use the contact form on my website. The bikes are located within 20 miles of our monthly meeting venue.

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