One Sad Dynamo

The shaft on my dynamo was bent so that at least would need replacing. An examination of the dynamo revealed that again, most of the parts were original. Now, I’m a fairly practical chap and it was possible to obtain a reconditioning kit for around £160 plus postage etc. It included the armature, field coil, brushes, bearings and a new screw to fix the field coil tightly against the dynamo shell. I watched a few videos of people doing the job, and discovered that one of the most important things was to get the field coil ‘pole shoe’ tight against the metal of the dynamo shell. Some people were just using ratchet handles with a screwdriver bit in, but really a suitable ‘pole shoe expander tool’ was the best solution.

Whilst I knew I could send the dynamo to Armoto, I came across Peter de Kremer of Rutland Dynamos who looked like he specialised in dynamos…the clue is in the name, although he does magnetos too. Having chatted to him, I could actually have him fully refurbish my dynamo for a bit more money, with a five year warranty. It was a ‘no brainer’ and the dynamo was duly dispatched during the second 2020 lockdown and returned soon after by Peter. He’d replaced one or two other parts which needed changing at no extra cost.

Refurbished Dynamo

I had to ‘remodify’ the dynamo connections to work with the electronic regulator my cousin had fitted. I had no paperwork for the regulator but on removing it discovered it was a JG 6V regulator for positive earth. Dave Lindsley, who supplies them, kindly sent me a copy of the instructions. I obtained a new rubber cover for the push fit connectors and the correct woodruff key, dynamo nut, special locking washer and circlip. At the time I couldn’t find any in Blighty so had to get the special locking washer from down under (it’s part number 000164 and they are now available in Blighty).

Next, the gearbox!