Here is a list of the radio related magazines I have for exchange with other collectors. There is a list of magazines I need here.

This page was last updated on Sunday, the 12th May 2023.

If I have more than one of any particular issue, the number I have will follow in brackets e.g. (2), Likewise, if the cover is missing I will follow with (NC) or if the condition isn’t great I’ll follow with (NG).

Remember that these magazines are like many of us…they’re getting on in years a bit. They won’t be perfect but are in great condition. Where I list a run of magazines, I’d like them to go together as far as possible.

I’m happy to swap one for one on the likes of Practical Wireless, Radio Constructor and SPRAT, but eBay demands higher prices for the likes of Radio Bygones and Radiophile, so there will need to be adjustment either way; UNLESS you are one of the collectors I have been dealing with for some time. This is purely to prevent profiteering.

Radio Contructor

1955: April, July, August, September, November and December
1956: April, August, September, November and December
1956: Run from August to December
1957: Run from May to December
1957: March (2), May, July, September (2), October (2) and November
1958: Run from January through to July, Full year but September missing
1958: April, June, October and December
1959: Full year but September missing
1959: January, February, April, May, June, July, August, November and December (2)
1960: Run from January through to June, August, October, November and December
1960: January (NG), February (2, one is NG), August and November
1961: Run from January through to July, copy of June separately
1962: August
1965: February
1967: April
1968: August
1969: June
1970: June
1971: November
1974: June
1976: May and June
1977: February

Radio Amateur Magazine (small format like 1950s Radio Constructor)

1953: February, March and July

Short Wave Listener Magazine (also small format)

I have the September issue for 1949 and 1950; the latter is a bit rough round the edges

Practical Wireless

1949: Full year except October missing; all copies are a little tatty
1950: June and September/October; both copies are a little tatty
1951: May, August and October
1952: October
1953: Full year except February is missing, plus extra copies of September (2) and November
1954: July (2, one is NG), August (NG), September and November
1955: March, April, May and September
1956: February (2, one of which is NG)
1957: February, March, April, June (2), August and November (2)
1958: June
1959: January (2), April, May (2), June, July, September/October, November and December (NC)
1960: January (2), February, April (2), June (2), July, September, November and December
1961: May, June (3), July, September (2), October, November (2, one of which is NG) and December
1962: January, February (2), March, April, August, September and October
1963: October
1964: June, July and November
1965: January
1967: April
1969: April
1972: February and March
1975: October, November and December
1976: Full year except August missing
1977: January, February and March

Radiophile – I have duplicates of 89, 90 and 91.

Radio Bygones – I have a duplicate part set from 1 to 48, with 6 and 39 missing plus a spare copy of 59.

SPRAT magazines – 62, 64 to 75, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 104, 112, 141 to 148, 150, 151, 153 to 162

[the following SPRAT magazines are currently reserved for a friend] – 163 to 178, 180 to 189.