When I was younger, much younger, I would often go with Dad to motorcycle trials in the area. I had a Gaunt Suzuki 125 in my mid teens and followed him between the sections, as well as taking part in some of the events at Hedley Drift, near where we lived at the time. Sometimes we’d take the bikes with us on picnics and even away on holiday to South Glen, near Palnackie in South West Scotland.

1972 BSA B25

I used to enjoy it very much and have been on the lookout for a bike to use for green lanes and other light ‘off-road’ work. The Matchless trials bikes are simply too heavy for my purposes, so after chatting with a friend who enjoys BSA motorcycles, I followed his advice and found a 1972 BSA B25 fairly locally. It really does feel ideal, but will need a little fettling before use. The previous owner had bought the road version of the bike and kitted it out for trail and green lane use, as you can see. I did get all the bits he removed, with the bike.

The front brake is more of an aspiration than a useful method of stopping, so I’ve ordered some new shoes. The fork dust caps need changing and the clutch sometimes slips when trying to start it. I’d get bored if there was nothing to do to it, so it will be tidied up and the various minor issues resolved. Chances are I will put the lights and indicators back on too…we’ll see.

It does start easily and goes very well. A nice thing to play with.