At one time, all motorcycles came with a comprehensive toolkit and a manual which explained how to service your own bike, replace brake shoes, change the oil and even rebuild the gearbox in some cases. Nowadays there is no tool box, brief instructions on how to check the oil…and a warning not to drink it!

Tecalemit 7MC Grease Guns

Most owners did much of the work on their bike themselves or had a mate who could help. In addition to spanners, screwdrivers and pliers, there was a need for a compact grease gun that would fit in the tool roll.

Step forward the Tecalemit 7MC brass grease gun, designed to fit the P6 (straight) and P65 (angled) 1/4″ BSF grease nipples which were standard on all British bikes. What’s more, they fitted in the tool roll. You will find them on eBay and at autojumbles for £5 to £30 depending on condition.

These are around five inches long and will fit any of the grease nipples on your vintage motorcycle. Note that modern nipples pair with nozzles that will not necessarily get into tight spaces.

Most people who own these think they are faulty; because they simply can’t get them to work. Most are just incorrectly filled. A blogger known as ‘CharlieCeng’ created a page on his blog available here, telling you how to check and test your Tecalemit 7MC grease gun, and how to correctly refill it.

Here is a PDF of his page too…note that copyright remains with him. Click on: Tecalemit Grease Guns

They are really handy little grease guns, but you’ll need two, just to be sure.