Sixteen years ago, the initial restoration on my 1953 Matchless G3LS was completed. The two rims fitted were manufactured by Central Wheel Components (CWC)…I’m hoping they have improved since then, as the chrome finish was very thin. I noticed this when it started peeling off in places!

Going nowhere fast

When I got my Matchless G12 in the middle of 2021, the rims and spokes were very poor, so I had Rolltru mirror finish stainless steel rims and spokes, from the Devon Rim Company fitted. These look tremendous and won’t go rusty and peel like the old CWC ones.

So, the G3LS is now sitting on a bike lift, waiting for the return of its wheels. I’ll be taking the opportunity to check and service the hubs too.

I’ve owned the Matchless 350 for the last 45 years…how time flies. I think I can justify the expense of some shiny new wheels.