If you are interested in the riding, running and rebuilding real classic motorcycles, then this magazine is possibly one to consider…but read this first, as I believe their website is misleading.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with their ‘Digital Copy’ offering on the magazine’s website. Why?… because it’s no such thing! What you end up with is the sometimes clunky access to an on-line version of the magazine. You can’t download it so it isn’t a digital copy. If you do wish to save or print pages, you can only do it two at a time…very tedious. Note that you only save £2 by choosing their ‘digital copy’ option.

You will also need to sign up to a book reading website or app…now, do you think they will try and flog you more and more stuff through both?

The magazine is worth reading for specific articles, but they turn up on eBay at sensible prices so you can just cherry pick what you want. If you must have a subscription, share it with your biker mates for better value and choose a ‘paper copy’.

I challenged Mortons about their ‘Digital Copy’ option and was simply told ‘we do not supply PDF copies’.

This post is to try and save you from thinking you could get a digital copy or digital subscription, to read the magazine anywhere you wish. You don’t…it’s just on-line access to a web based version. Save your money and buy back issues containing the articles you want!