Brittle and Crumbling 1999 Lid

I don’t like throwing things away, just because parts of them are broken. I don’t tend to replace things ‘just because they look a bit dated’ either. Suffice to say, I still have all my bathroom suites, kitchen units and all but one of my windows…from 1991. Once I stopped working I also stopped needing to change my car every three years…the one I have now will be fourteen years old in September 2023. That has to be better for the environment than buying a new hybrid or electric car, surely. Before you judge, think about the resources necessary to build a new electric car…and I only travel a few thousand miles a year anyway. The other factors are that I still enjoy the car and have a great dealer who looks after it.

Sadly, plastic degrades over the years, and my Addis 50L bin lid had actually started to crumble around the edges. I looked in the local shops and all they had were black and silver bins; not really suitable for a wooden kitchen an archaeologist would be proud of.

I had a look on line to see if Addis still made the cream bin I bought some twenty years ago. They did…but they also sold a replacement lid separately. This is how things used to be, before consumerism and our ‘throw away society’ really got going and we foolishly came to rely on China to make all our ‘stuff’.

Shiny New 2023 Lid

Anyway…I bought a Cream 50L Lift Top Lid, part number 510724 from Addis and it came in a week. I did recycle the broken lid, but the majority of the plastic was in the bottom part…that was saved from ‘landfill’ for many years to come.

Should your cream lid be broken (SKU: 510724), you can at the time of writing, get one here. They do have the silver (SKU: 510725) and black (SKU: 505617) if you need them too.