Avro Anson Seats

Avro Anson Seats

“Ladies and gentlemen, please ensure your seat backs and tray tables are in the upright position…” – well not quite on this old lady.  When clearing my Mum’s house, there was a complete set of old, dusty, but unused seats from a vintage aircraft.  I remember Dad mentioning something decades ago, about making the terrifying decision to install them in the back of an old mini van we had…fortunately he never got round to it.

I spent ages scouring the internet and found that they belonged in an Avro Anson, and indeed I had a complete set with the original wax wrappings on the back legs.

Someone wanted to make them into a very retro set of dining room chairs but finally, I was contacted by an organisation with a plane that was short of seats…I’m delighted they are going to be used, after all these years, for the purpose they were designed; seats in an Avro Anson.

The organisation who is getting the seats, also runs pleasure flights in some of their classic aircraft…and they are not expensive either.

Avro Anson WD413/G-VROE

Update as of April 2021: I’ve just discovered that Classic Air Force, who had the Avro Anson, appears to have sold its planes in the summer of 2015. My contact was Ben Cox, who piloted the Avro Anson reg. WD413/G-VROE. Hopefully the plane has found a new home where it will remain flying. Here’s a picture I found of the plane in flight.